Premier CNC Machinery South Africa

Sinosia Utama Machinery and Chemical offer engineering apparatus such as manual and computer numerically controlled (CNC) centre and standard lathes. We also supply horizontal, vertical and special purpose milling machines. We are proud to provide vertical and special-purpose drilling equipment and bending, folding, cutting and rolling sheet metal forming machinery. As a leader in the field of machinery we provide premier products to a global market of general engineering resellers and suppliers.

Locally, Sinosia has points-of-presence in Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg and Durban. We have an advanced logistics network to ship Sinosia products anywhere in the Country and, the entire subcontinent.


The Sinosia enterprise offers:

Universal, internal, manual and CNC grinding machinery
Vertical, horizontal, manual and CNC sawing equipment
Machinery Centres which showroom the range
Full-spectrum after-sales service including the repair and maintenance for Sinosia’s machinery lines.

The focus is on the provision of high-quality heavy, medium and light-duty imported machinery at cost-effective prices. All machinery and equipment is approved and customers can enjoy a 6-month interest-free period on their finance. Sinosia makes it as easy as possible. With Sinosia you can rest easy knowing that your machinery has a full-service back-up, parts and consumables available at all times.

Whether your need is to turn, skim, put a screw-thread on a piece of metal bar or turn a component, Sinosia offers a full range no matter the complexity or size of your project.

Once acquiring a Sinosia machine unit, you can be assured of excellent service back-up and parts availability. All this at cost-effective rates.

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